Breaking News: SHOCKING - Here is What Really is in the Vaccines


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Deaths and Side Effects

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Breaking News:  SHOCKING - Here is What Really is in the Vaccines

This is a Direct Transcript of Richard Delgado Video 

Richard Delgado, founder of LA QUINTA COLUMNA – – this is a great site to download the proof of Graphene Oxide in the vaccines, many scientific studies and much more.

All the vaccines tested (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson and AstraZeneca) all contain exclusive nanotechnology. We have found NanoRouters, which also emit MAC addresses that can be registered with bluetooth wireless technology by just using your mobile phone and the help of an App.

We have found Nano-Antennas and Plasmonic Antennas for the amplification of these signals.

We have also identified Nano-Rectennas (which act as rectifier bridges of alternating/direct current), codecs and certain logic gates for the encryption of these nanocommunications emitted from the inoculated individual to a remote server.

The Primary Material for the elaboration of these microstructural complexes is Graphene Oxide, the presence of which is decisive for self assembly for these structural complexes.

The main mechanisms of exfoliation of graphene oxide within the body, into graphene quantum dots are: natural biodegradation mediated by the enzyme myeloperoxidase and the teslaphoresis mechanism, which are microwave electromagnetic fields, emitted from mobile phone signals, with different frequency ranges.

Graphene Oxide injected into the body acquires magnetic properties in contact with hydrogen and living cells. This is why most vaccinated people have this exacerbated magnetism at the point of inoculation, and subsequently in the upper solar plexus and the skull.

Graphene Oxide is detected in our body by our immune system as if it were a pathogen. Once injected, it has an affinity for the Central Nervous System (basically the spinal cord and our brain), because of its higher electrical conductivity.

In the central nervous system it causes immobilization of the limbs, strokes, paraplegia, and alteration of the nervous system.

Graphene Oxide has a Blood Clotting factor and increases thrombogenicity or thrombus proliferation. The ultimate consequence of thrombi is ALL kinds of Cardiovascular accidents, such as embolisms, ischaemias, strokes, aneurysms, etc.

Graphene Oxide also has an affinity for electrical organs, such as our heart, especially when cardiac activity increases. (Explains why athletes are collapsing.) At that moment, the graphene oxide targets the heart and inflames it, generating myocarditis and pericarditis.

In addition, graphene oxide has the ability to Absorb Electromagnetic Radiation from our environment and multiply it with a transistor effect. Thus, it generates small discharges that cause arrhythmias in our cardiac system.

This explains why so many athletes are suffering from arrhythmias when they have increased cardiac activity. Consequences of these arrhythmias are fainting, blackouts or syncope, linked to unexpected sudden death.

A large part of our vaccinated population is suffering unexpected or sudden death when interacting near these microwave sources.

Graphene oxide also has the capacity to generate mutagenesis, chromosomal alteration and cancer… so that those people who have recently suffered neuroplasms or tumors… after vaccination will rapidly resurface a line of metastasis and those who are completely healthy will be at high risk of developing cancer.

Graphene Oxide is extremely toxic and its toxicity is also dependent on the electromagnetic radiation it absorbs. Wherever it goes, it generates tissue inflammation, systemic or multi-organ inflammation and a cascade of free radicals.

When oxidated stress is generated by this toxic substance in the body breaks the equilibrium and the redox balance and exceeds a certain threshold above the antioxidant levels of our endogenous Glutathione, our immune system collapses and favors the famous Cytokine STORM.

This Graphene Oxide, which is injected as a Prime material in “Vaccines”, is eliminated from our body through our lungs. If it is irradiated while it is found in the Lungs, the subsequent inflammation of the lung tissue causes Bilateral Pneumonia.

If the vaccinated survive the initial doses of graphene oxide injected into the blood, it will be degraded in the body the neutralizing antibodies that are responsible for its degradation.

Once the graphene and toxicity is gone, so are the antibodies that neutralize the substance, which also trigger our immunoglobulins.

This is why people are forced to be Re-Vaccinated every 3 months, in order to maintain the body’s levels of this toxic substance, by claiming they NO longer possess Immunity.

In short, the non-existent, non-isolated, non-purified, non-cultivated Sars-CoV-2 presented to us in the official version and its variants, is in the real version the Graphene Oxide introduced consciously and voluntarily in the flu vaccine of the 2019 and 2020 vaccine campaign.

In other words, the disease relabeled Covid-19, is simply an enhanced acute irradiation syndrome.

Therefore, the first and basically the only artificial wave, was introduced to our elderly in nursing homes as its target population, whose Flu Vaccination rate is nearly 100%.

Our Elderly were PREVIOUSLY Vaccinated with this substance and then irradiated with the cell phone antennas, which suspiciously 8 out of 10 are near old folks homes or nursing homes.

They have justified the genocide of our elderly as a pretext to tell the entire world population that we were facing a new coronavirus, so that under the fear of this alleged contagion “tall tale” they could proceed to inoculate the entire world population with Graphene Oxide.

The aim is to eliminate a large part of the population, and use the behavioral modulation properties of graphene oxide in the field of neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence for the remaining population.

Graphen oxide has a special affinity for neurons. Once it is in the neurons, it generates and artificial neural network that gradually replaces the Natural Neural Network.

When the size of graphene oxide nanoparticles is less than 35 nanometers, they easily pass through our blood brain barrier and gain access to our own neural network. On the one hand, graphene oxide manages to break neuronal synapses, so that our Brain can be Mapped and literally collect information such as memories, thoughts, sensations, emotions and feelings.

You will now understand why during this pandemic, why legislation such as the “NeuroRights Act” has been passed in certain countries.

Moreover, this Graphene Oxide can be stimulated Remotely and Wirelessly, using for this purpose the 4G, 4G plus and the 5G technology.

All vaccinated people send their data to an external server that is controlled by Artificial Intelligence (probably financed by Elon Musk).

This information provided is a synopsis of more than 20,000 hours of research, working with a multi-disciplinary group of scientists and is based on the scientific discoveries of Dr. Campra’s final report, which provides unequivocally conclusive evidence of the presence of reduced graphene oxide in samples produced by AstraZeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Jansen.

This research also emerges from scientific analysis of the material and observational evidence.

We understand that they have taken advantage of the general ignorance and lack of knowledge of the medical and health community regarding matters such as Nanotechnology, to carry out this sinister plan of what they call “Agenda 2030.”

Since the Vaccinations are Global, we are facing the disappearance of the human species as we know it within a few months.

They call it Transhumanism or the Human 2.0 Project.

In this new stage, the automaton survivor will be deprived of self-thought, autonomy and free will. A slave species, diminished and entirely dependent on these techocratic oligarchies.

LA QUINTA COLUMNA is made up of millions of people around the world who seek to maintain the essence of human beings, respect for humanity and their dignity for a unique species.

LA QUINTA COLUMNA uncovered this Crime against Humanity, against its life and against its very nature.

Please Share this vital information with those around you.


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Deaths and Side Effects

My Bitchute Channel -- Max2020 on Bitchute

My Favorite "GO TO" SOURCES

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